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Product Reviews

  1. It does make Perfect Layers

    Posted by Patricia Chance on 27th Aug 2013

    Over 20 scrappin friends have purchased since I recommended this product. If you love to mat pictures and can't eyeball it or cut a straight line, this product is for you. I am multi-matting all the time now. Love my perfect layers.

  2. Easy Baby Easy

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Aug 2013

    I first saw Perfect Layer on YouTube said to myself I just have to have it. When package arrived I had to go back to You Tube and the rest is history. Easy like Sunday morning.

  3. No struggling to find a measurement!

    Posted by Kat Ancheta on 2nd Aug 2013

    When I first opened the package, I saw 3 pieces of hard plastic and not much else. I looked at the instructions, I was puzzled again. Not much explanation. Like many times before, I was over-thinking this as well. So, I needed a border cut out in the center of a card. If you have tried to measure an even border, centered in the middle of the card, you know how hard this can be. Normally, I would do it on my die cut machine! Yep, pull it out and load up a card just to make a few cuts. So, here I was using the "Perfect Layers" as it states on the package. It was very easy, almost too easy. When I finished cutting this square out of the middle of my card...I had a perfectly measured square cutout. It too just seconds, not minutes! It was so easy, now I have the task of making up a bunch of cards to sell at a craft fair in Sept. Now, I am confident that my cards wont be lopsided. It is a good feeling to have. I am sold on "Perfect Layers" after one cut. If you have ever put your mat down, only to see it is crooked? Try "Perfect Layers", and let go of that anxiety :)

  4. Why Did I Wait So Long

    Posted by Meems Harris on 18th Jul 2013

    I could have saved myself a lot of time and frustration if only I had order these tools when I first them. I know now that I won't ever be without them when I'm crafting....great products!

  5. Great tool for cardmaking.

    Posted by SueQ on 18th Jul 2013

    Have bought all three rulers and I'm impressed. Can't see myself cardmaking without these. Kuddos to whoever invented these.

  6. My Must Have Tool

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Jul 2013

    I have used the Perfect Layers for over a decade. My recent purchase of a new set was a "just-in-case" because I absolutely cannot craft without these. Whether I am scrapbooking or card making (my primary craft), I would be lost without my perfect layers. I tend to be a bit OCD, so these tools are even more of a necessity for me. Some people can be satisfied with eye-balling their mats, but I want that perfectly even border all the way around. These tools are so easy to use and quickly give me the perfect mats that I want!

  7. Wish I had this years ago!

    Posted by Katy on 26th Jun 2013

    What a brilliant idea! I wish I would have had this years ago! What a great time saver!

  8. Perfect Layers = Perfect Tools

    Posted by Norma Jean Hill on 26th Jun 2013

    The Perfect Layers Tool Set is the only one I have used so far. I am making a scrapbook for my husband, who was in the Air Force during the Korean War, of the Honor Flight he recently got to go on to Washington,D.C. I like to mat a lot of the pictures and some embellishments I use and of all the tools I have, this works the best. I am so glad I bought them. I am sure I will be just as happy with the Perfect Squares and the Perfect Ruler.

  9. YES!!!!

    Posted by Meg on 26th Jun 2013

    What a wonderful product. No more trimming and re-trimming. You get perfect layers every time. It saves so much time and paper. Love working with it - one of my favorite tools.

  10. Perfect Layers

    Posted by Janice Davis on 4th Jun 2013

    Really works nice and I can see where it will be put to good use.

    1. The best

      Posted by Joyce Perry on 31st May 2013

      The 'Perfect Layers Set' has worked grand for me. I love making greeting cards using my husbands photos and I layer with solid or printed matting card stock beneath the the photo. The ' Perfect Layers' allows just that, 'PERFECT LAYERS'. THANK YOU

    2. A must have for all crafters

      Posted by Unknown on 23rd May 2013

      To be honest I did not know how I managed to matt my cards before purchasing this......everything is now perfect....no more out a eighth of a inch....yippeeeee!!!

    3. Get this set - it's a great deal

      Posted by Lisa Meegan on 7th May 2013

      With this set you get so many options for layered mattes. Love it - easy to use and takes up hardly any space in your craft area.

    4. Perfect mattes every time now!

      Posted by Lisa Meegan on 7th May 2013

      This is a great investment if you like making square cornered layered mattes. It takes just a few tries to learn and then - wala! Perfect mattes. No longer will you look at your work and wonder if everything is square. It is!

    5. Just Perfect

      Posted by Unknown on 29th Apr 2013

      The product was exactly what I was expecting according to video I have looked at before I placed my order

    6. An end to my layering problems

      Posted by Barbara Hodges on 19th Apr 2013

      I have crafted for many years and have always found layering a bit of a problem. Getting the layers placed, so that the borders were even just took ages. Aging and eyesight can sometimes be the problem and I knew it would get harder. Having seen the tool set in a tutorial I knew I had to have a set. I did not waste any time after their delivery to use them and am Thrilled with the results. I can see they will be an asset to my crafting from now on.

    7. Wish I knew about these sooner!

      Posted by Betsy on 13th Apr 2013

      Take the time to watch the videos. I'm still slow at figuring out which side of the ruler for which measurement. But it's worth it. I also have had to change my routine of pressing a piece down until after I have cut the next layer, but it's pretty easy to pull the edge back up to catch the ruler. Paper is more difficult than card stock, but the end result is fantastic with either. I went thru paper trimmer after paper trimmer but was always disappointed with my results as they had play in the cut. Who knew I could've saved my pennies and had better results with these rulers!


      Posted by Retta Harrison on 23rd Mar 2013

      I juar tried it yesterday. It was wonderful.
      I used a picture of us 3 girls, we grew up together and still best friends 5o years later. I did 5 layers around the picture, times 3 and it was easy and we all loved it. It takes a little bit to get started, but once you get going it's wonderful and looks great too.

    9. Love, love, love Perfect Layers!

      Posted by Georgia on 22nd Mar 2013

      This is my second set of Perfect Layers. Bought my first set when they first came out. They are so easy to use and I get perfect layering every time.

    10. "Kewl" Tools

      Posted by Unknown on 21st Mar 2013

      These are a scrapbooking and cardmaking must haves. I accidentally threw my set in the recycling. After the sad discovery, I hopped on line and reordered them. Thank you for prompt attention and delivery.

      1. Quick delivery and awesome product!

        Posted by Isolde on 8th Mar 2013

        Quick delivery and awesome product!

      2. Tools to Use

        Posted by Pennie on 2nd Mar 2013

        I found the layer rulers very easy to use and make matting a stap.

      3. Great product - No measuring

        Posted by Unknown on 25th Feb 2013

        Love perfect layers. Adds more dimension to my crafting projects.

      4. Love it but!

        Posted by Lisa on 23rd Feb 2013

        I think if the edge to catch the paper actually came to a point it would get the thinner paper. and if the ends maybe had some gripping ability so the perfect layers tool would be less likely to slip while cutting. But I really do love this product. It is cutting off the time it takes to get my layering done.

      5. Fantastic

        Posted by Claudia La barre on 4th Feb 2013

        This set is a must! So easy to use I didn't even read the instructions. Makes layering my card stock so very easy and they look wonderful with even borders and edges.

      6. layers are perfect now

        Posted by Hannah Miller on 23rd Jan 2013

        I have had an awful doing greeting cards with layers as measuring with a ruler and then cutting has been less the perfect. The Perfect Layer set lets me do a perfect job. Really love this tool.

      7. Tools

        Posted by Jocelyn Turner on 9th Jan 2013

        I have been so excited about getting these ever since I saw them. So easy to use and such a perfect finish. Thank you so much.

      8. Super

        Posted by Denise Aube on 25th Dec 2012

        I love it, it will help me alot.

      9. Tools

        Posted by Unknown on 21st Dec 2012

        Using the tools make my scrapbooking look great. They are east to use

      10. My most used scrapbooking tool

        Posted by Sheree on 5th Dec 2012

        I have had this set for a couple of years and bought this one for a gift. Ever since I purchased, I have used on most of my scrapbook pages. Makes everything look more put together and just makes the pictures stand out. If you are starting to scrapbook or have been for awhile, I would highly recommend these tools. Well worth the price.


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